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I don’t even usually watch Dylan Ratigan’s show (especially because of the name, Ratigan… the big evil rat from The Great Mouse Detective) but he really let loose the other day when talking about our government’s inability to stand up to corporate pressure. I couldn’t have agreed more with every word he said, especially acknowledging the fact that Democrats are to blame for this mess too, since they fear losing corporate funds just as much as Republicans. And although MSNBC is the corporate owned media (owned by GE), at least they allow their hosts and pundits to fervently pump some unscripted truths into the veins of our anemic and apathetic society. The old, wealthy, corrupt people in this country, (the same ones who fought against the Civil Rights movement), are getting older and more powerful. Meanwhile the young are either getting dumber and less informed (mostly through no fault of their own) or indoctrinated by the greed of previous generations’ falsehoods about the role of government. Rather than giving up on this “hopeless” system of corruption, all anyone really has to do is educate themselves and spread the word. The corrupt ones know that if more people knew about their actions, the political discourse in this country would shift far to the left. They don’t really want it to be exposed that America has already become an oligarchy (government owned by corporations), so once society exposes these lies on its own and to each other, the easier it will be for the masses to fight the corporate takeover.